Will I raise my voice to heaven?

Will I utter my supplication to the above sky, to some mystical being you consider mighty?
To the one that you believe might answer all your secret longings?
I’m clueless when I have to look for certainty under this vast blue sky, on this land of vast possibilities…
The sad truth that we humans have to live with is the indelible doubt that he carries all the way to his grave
that will always make him skeptical and unquenchable
but, I know for certain that amid all these confusions and certainties, I take a glimpse of your beauty
this might be the reason that this life is always wonderful and bearable
even when at the end of the day you will still busy searching for that right answer…
you just can not cast all doubts away
they might give your soul something to make it durable
it might be comparable to onerous exercises you have to go through to make your muscles develop
once you stop, you may regret that you have now to deal with the atrophy
April 7,2016

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