Power & Love

Jerry wrote this beautiful lines on his birthday

what is power? this might not be the oldest question in politics, but it is surely not the newest either. people may differ about it immensely, but everybody naturally, and instantly, knows when one exercises it in a given situation. for those who are far remotely placed from its center, power might seem ludicrous. when it brings ruckus to the society, those who stand no chance of being officially invested with it, make a mockery of it, while those who are waiting for the right moment to seize it ridicule those who are inebriated by its potentials. yet, the bottom line always remains clear: there’s always that original temptation to gobble that forbidden fruit and swallow that instant access to grandeur and vainglory. so, why deludes into thinking that some persons are immune to that unquenchable pursuit? some even hypothesize that the sublimity of power basically lies within this pretentious denial to its pursuit. however, one question remains, is power merely concentrated on the hands of the few or dispersed to each hand, even to those who are considered the weakest in the social realm? albeit no exactitude guaranteed, as the sun rises every morning and gaze is fixed to the ordinary things that accompany those passing days, we somehow realize that we are born by and for this capacity to novelty. whatever you call it, this might be simply extrapolated as ‘power’. the simplest act of love from your beloved friends or spouses even makes you feel ’empowered’: you realize that the very act injects a certain kind of energy to sail through storms and winds of your rough day. and this power doesn’t have to be political or contested in that hotbed of warmongering election. as for me, i owe you this power to you, the dearest R. you know, in those silences and rough times, you mean the world to me. and i feel that power inside…


31 Oktober 2016

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